HD concrete
architectural panels
for building cladding.

Sign up your architectural creations in time and imagination using concrete panels with exclusive and absolutely original finishes.


In 1992, the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Resources of Canada implemented a competition in order to conceive the most technically advanced building to serve as a model for builders in the future. CEMFORT put together a multidisciplinary team of scientists and builders that won this contest and built: NOVTEC. This building located in Laval, Canada, used CEMFORT HD concrete panels and finishes shown in this catalogue.

Real Series

More than 25 years later, CEMFORT REAL BRICK, CEMFORT REAL STONE and CEMFORT REAL CONCRETE passed, with high marks, the test of time. The range of products is now extended into a full line that includes CEMFORT REAL GLASS an exclusive and unique product.

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Xpression Series

CEMFORT also developed innovative products using advancements in enamel chemistry and high-definition laser printing technologies leading us to offer these two exclusive product lines: CEMFORT XPRESSION COLOR and CEMFORT XPRESSION WOOD. We offer a range of possibilities widening the possibilities of design to the delight of the architects and urban designer.

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All CEMFORT products are compatible with our durable anchoring systems and ingeniously integrated with the appearance to sign your projects with attention to detail and perfection.

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HD stands for High Definition/High Density.

The perfect marriage: the beauty of natural and innovative finishes, in synergy with the strength of CEMFORT HD concrete panels, manufactured under-pressure, for optimal density, with state-of-the-art surface sanded technology for sleek finish, and an auto-clave process is used to control efflorescence. Durability equal to none when faced with impact, fire, humidity and weather extremes typical to North-American temperatures. The unique design flexibility of CEMFORT REAL and XPRESSION SERIES provides the best concept and budget solution for your project to become a reality. CEMFORT HD is a superior quality product, that passes the test of time, at very competitive prices.

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