Custom printing


Custom printing

CEMFORT offers you CUSTOM printed panels, providing infinite possibilities and unique design for your building cladding.

Our technology allows you to incorporate logos, visual effects, multiple images such as marble, granite,etc. the choice is yours.

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Custom printing

Free your creativity by using multiple colors, shapes and visual effects, on the same or several panels, provided by OUR CUSTOM PRINTING for YOUR PROJECT.

Using the same High Definition Laser printing technology as CEMFORT XPRESSION WOOD with our engineered UV resistant sealant. All of the manufacturing steps take place at our CEMFORT factory which ensures top finishing quality and quick delivery.


  • Standardized 20 formats offered
  • Personalized, tailor-made according to your requests


  • 3/8" (10mm) - Panel


  • Smooth (sanded & uniform surface)


  • Matte (25%)


CEMFORT is in a league of its own when it comes to architectural wall panel sizes. We offer you an unmatched variety of standard sizes or custom-made dimensions which allows for design flexibility and results in unique, timeless and durable projects at affordable costs. CEMFORT HD concrete panels are manufactured in 4'x8' and 4'x10'. We can offer you standard dimensions as follows:

These sizes are merely a suggestion. We can custom-cut your panels to any dimension or shape within 4'x10' allowing you the most freedom for your design creativity. All our panels can also be cut on-site for adjustments.


Discover the perfect combination of fastening system to highlight the CUSTOM PRINTING panel